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【IBI 2024】Semi-finalists【Best Makeup Art】Final stage進出🇺🇸





So happy to be one of the semi-finalists of the 2024 IBI awards in the category Best Makeup Art!

What a huge honor to be one of the semi-finalists of the IBI awards 2024!!

I am looking forward to the final stage on May 21st 2024. Thank you IBI for the wonderful stage!


IBI awards 2024のBest Makeup Artでsemi-finalistsの1人になれたことをとても名誉なことで嬉しく思います!!

5月21日に行われるファイナルステージが楽しみ☆ 素晴らしいステージをIBIありがとう!







Photo : Hanami Suzuki

Hair : Sawamaru Pokir

Makeup, Stylist : komako

Model : Lera

Salon : jiyume atelier

Special thanks to SABFA.