沢丸,komako【One Eyeland Photography Awards 2021】Bronze Winner×9受賞、Finalists×2🇮🇳

Bronze winner in People-Portrait category ×3☆

Bronze winner in People-Culture category ×2☆

Bronze winner in Fine Art-Other category ×2☆

Bronze winner in People-Other category ×2☆

Finalists in People-Other and Fine Art-Other category☆

One Eyeland Photography Awards 2021にブロンズ9つとファイナリスト2つを受賞しました。これは素晴らしいお知らせでとても嬉しいです☆


My photos “Ainu Teachings”, “Veil” and “Color Sense and Soul” won the One Eyeland Photography Awards 2021 with 9 Bronze winner and 2 Finalists.  This is a wonderful news and I am very happy ☆