Awards -受賞-

【Moscow International Foto Awards(MIFA)2022】Honorable Mention×5🇷🇺


She wants to get out of here and go somewhere.

She doesn’t like the days like in a bird cage.

Moscow International Foto Awards(MIFA)2022

People-Portrait / Honorable Mention

Fine Art-Portrait / Honorable Mention×4

モスクワ国際写真賞でHonorable Mention×5をいただきました。


Children playing in the garden.

People taking a walk.

She also longs for freedom.

【hope and despair】

Repeating hope and despair, she is selfish and insensitive. I took a picture of the appearance of living while hiding the insane madness.


As people grow older, they gradually wear a veil that hides their true self.

The beautiful and soft cloth becomes strong by weaving anxiety and conflict, and becomes an armor that protects itself from the outside world. If so, I thought that the body looking through the gap was innocent and protected without being hurt.