Awards -受賞-

【London Photography Awards 2022】Platinum Winner ×1、Gold winner ×8、Honorable Mention ×1🇬🇧

Platinum winner in Fine Art-Portrait☆

Gold winner in People-Portrait ×3☆

Gold winner in People-Culture ×2☆

Gold winner in People-Fine Art ×2☆

Gold winner in Fine Art-Nudes☆

Honorable Mention in People-Fine Art☆

London Photography Awards 2022にプラチナ×1、ゴールド×8、シルバー×1を受賞しました☆


My photographs “Veil”, “Ainu Teachings” and “Color Sense and Soul” won the London Photography Awards 2022, one Platinum winner, eight Gold winners and one Honorable mention.  This is great news and I’m very happy ☆