【IBI 2023】1st Place Winner受賞【Best Creative Hair Artistry】に選出され2年連続世界一に🇺🇸


【International Beauty Industry Awards(IBI)2023】

Best Creative Hair / 1st Place Winner

International Beauty Industry Awards(IBI)はニューヨークで行われる美容業界の国際アワードです。

【Best Creative Hair】で2年連続世界1位をいただきました。


photo, hair&makeup : Sawamaru Pokir

styling : tomi

model : kaori


IBIからBest Creative Hair Artistry 2023に選出され、二年連続で世界一の称号とトロフィーを授与されました。


I’m pleased to be able to share wonderful news with you. I was the 1st place winner in the IBI Awards “Best Creative Hair” category for the second year in a row. I also got the title of Best Creative Hair Artistry again this year, and I received this wonderful statuette!

I couldn’t have earned these title on my own. I’m truly grateful to the teachers at SABFA who taught me the techniques, knowlege, aesthetics, and secrets of hair and makeup. And my team, I can’t thank you enough for spending so much time with me in the process of making my ideals a reality.

The IBI Awards are one of the greatest awards in this world. Thank you for prepairing such a wonderful stage. Now, I am the world champion of Creative Hair.

Thank you ever so much !!

みなさんにお伝えできて嬉しいです。IBI Awardsの「Best Creative Hair」部門で 2 年連続で1位になりました!今年も Best Creative Hair Artistry の称号をいただき、素晴らしいトロフィーを受け取りました。


IBI Awardsは、この世界で最も偉大な賞の 1 つです。素敵なステージを準備していただきありがとうございました。