Awards -受賞-

【European Photography Awards 2022】Platinum Winner×2、Gold winner ×13、Honorable Mention受賞🇪🇺

Platinum winner in People-Fine Art☆

Platinum winner in People-Culture☆

Gold winner in People-Portrait ×4☆

Gold winner in Fine Art-Portrait ×3☆

Gold winner in People-Fine Art ×3☆

Gold winner in Fine Art-Nudes☆

Gold winner in People-Nudes☆

Gold winner in People-Culture☆

London Photography Awards 2022にプラチナ×2、ゴールド×13、を受賞しました。


My photographs “Veil”, “Ainu Teachings”, “The moth” and “Color Sense and Soul” won the European Photography Awards 2022, one Platinum winner, eight Gold winners and one Honorable mention.